Saturday, January 01, 2011

K.I.S.S. Resolutions

Two New Years Resolutions this year. Both are simple and yet require constant application.

1) Give up plastic bags in grocery stores. I have at least 20 cotton shopping bags I constantly forget to take out of the car and use. This year I will find a way to make myself remember. Even if it means dashing out to the car and back inside because I've been dumb enough to forget them again.  (Advance sorry people behind me in the queue.)

2) Don't stop writing. No matter what life throws in my way.


  1. Those are fine resolutions! Mine are simple drink more water and to finish six ECE courses this year.

    Oh. And to get the house ready to sell. Then sell it. Then buy another. Then move...etc. etc. Big changes in our house too. I hope yours aren't too disruptive for your writing. The world needs more of your words!

  2. Aw, M! Thanks for that :)
    You are moving again??????

  3. That's a really good one! I've got five (at least) of those bags and I remember about 1 out of four times to bring them with me :)