Thursday, February 17, 2011

My biggest critics.

You know, as a writer you'd think bloggers and reviewers might be the biggest potential threat to my ego, but not at all.
My lovely hubby finished the second Stieg Larsson book in record time and was casting around for something to read.
"I know," he said, "what haven't I read of yours? And can I borrow your new ereader?"
He'd read an early version of SEA OF SUSPICION (mainly to figure out if he could recognize anyone from the Gatty Marine Lab) but he's never read STORM WARNING.
Figuring I have eight RITA books to judge and he should be done in that time I happily start up my Sony and show him how it works.
(I'm halfway through book six and I think he's on page 50.)

So, the first night I'm lying in bed and I get this huff.
"What?" I know he's reading my story.
"She just took her clothes off."
I grind my teeth. "She's wet and cold and doesn't want to get hypothermia. Plus she used to be a lifeguard in Australia." I give him a beady eye.
"Would you have taken your clothes off?"
"She's not me!" I scream (and yes, you can scream that).

Two days later.
Me: "She's wearing a sports bra and big knickers."
Him: "It doesn't say that."
Me: "Yes." I grind my teeth. "It does."
Good job I start off with low blood pressure.
Him: "Oh."

So, night before last my 8-year-old son comes and cuddles up to me on the sofa at bedtime and says, "So, Mom, where do you get the titles for you books?"
I get excited as I try to explain. "Well, SEA OF SUSPICION--"
"That has a marine biologist in it, right?"
I beam.
"So that makes sense."
I have birthed a genius.
"And STORM WARNING is set on the coast and there's this impending sense of danger," I tell him.
"So what's the problem then? In the story." He quirks a blond brow over eyes as dark as melted chocolate.
"Well, this woman keeps seeing her father's ghost--"
He snorts and jumps down off the sofa, dismissing me with a casual wave of a tiny hand. "Yeah, that'd be a problem all right."


  1. LOL!! Too funny, Toni! Especially what your son said. I really have no words of wisdom here since my husband doesn't read my work. But he is endlessly supportive. Great post!

  2. My husband has read the first two chapters of my current release and promises he'll finish it eventually--he's just not much of a fiction reader, period, so getting him to step outside his comfort zone enough to read romance is a real challenge.

    He's learned not to read over my shoulder while I'm writing after a few too many conversations like this:

    Him: you really want to say it that way? I mean, it's kind of a cliche.

    Me: It's called a ROUGH. DRAFT!!1!!1!!!

    Him: I was trying to help.

    Me: That is why I have critique partners. Who don't see it till I've polished off the rough edges. Who don't have to live or sleep with me.

  3. Ah, yes indeed, the helpful partner. I wonder if they realize how close they come to Death sometimes?

  4. lol--exactly, Marcelle! But he is supportive. Bless him :)

  5. At least the dog is supportive. Family and friends can be funny. I have a cousin who wrote marvelous things about each chapter of Scene Stealer until I told him I didn't want to partner on a new book. Never found out whether he liked the entire book.

  6. One family member has read mine and I think he wanted a favor

  7. So funny, especially your son. I'm guessing there's a kid who doesn't go believing in ghosts on Halloween!

  8. Ah, Toni, now that's exactly why hubby and I agreed up front that he's never going to read any of my work (he just doesn't get historical romance, go figure, lol) But the odd time he does peek over my shoulder usually ends with a few snickers (do they ever grow up?) and then something like, 'why don't you ever do that to me?'

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  10. Ah yes, I have an Ex-husband and an Ex-boyfriend who both read a lot of my work. EX...

    (PS - had to delete the above comment as it came out a bit garbled?)

  11. He snorts and jumps down off the sofa, dismissing me with a casual wave of a tiny hand. "Yeah, that'd be a problem all right."

    Love it.

  12. Thanks for all the comments, guys. I knew I was not alone!! :)

  13. Hilarious!

    Leave it to those who know us best to keep it real.