Monday, March 21, 2011

My Daughter's Words...

I couldn't resist sharing this. This is the script for my daughter's speaking club at school and this is her childhood memory. I've talked about our last dog so often on the blog I thought this would fit in here...
Benn, Rufus & Finn

Hello everyone.  How many people here have ever lost a pet?  Well when I lost my dog Benn I didn’t feel like I’d lost a pet.  I felt like I’d lost my best friend.  My dog Benn was born July 1rst 1999.  He was born in Scotland just like me and when we left to go to Canada Benn and his mom Finn came with us.  We left Benn’s brothers and sisters behind.  Benn never saw them again.  Finn died sometime in January 3 years ago.  We visit Rufus and Penny whenever we see my grandparents.   Benn seemed convinced he was human.  I probably didn’t help by giving him table scraps.  He was a really goofy dog who seemed to know what we were thinking.  Benn loved to swim and get his coat full of burrs.  Once we got back from our walk he’d flop in front of the fireplace or lie in the kitchen as my parents tried to make dinner.  One of my favourite things about him was how soft his fur was.  I loved Benn like he was my brother.  Maybe that’s why I fed him table scraps.  Benn died of cancer November 23rd 2009.   He was 10 years old.  Whenever I remember Benn I want to cry my eyes out, but then I think that since I don’t want to be remembered by people crying their eyes out why would Benn?  In some ways Benn is my inspiration not to give up because he never did.  I don’t know if I believe in God or not, but I have to believe in Heaven because if I don’t believe in Heaven I’ll never see Benn again.  You met Holly [our new dog-yes, my daughter is dog obsessed] yesterday.  Well at first my brother didn’t want to get another dog because he felt that would be an insult to Benn’s memory.  But then I said something to change his mind.  I told him Benn was still in our house in spirit and was lonely without another dog to play with.  Have you ever felt like my brother?  Next time you lose a pet, remember how you want to be remembered.  Remember as long as you remember them your pet there never really gone.  


  1. Oh, Toni, how precious this is. Will I sound like a complete wimp if I admit I cried? Jaime has certainly inherited her mother's talent for writing! What a lovely post.

  2. It is precious, isn't it? She's got way more talent than I do.

  3. Awwwww! Tears are in my eyes!

    Isn't it amazing how animals touch our souls?

    RIP Benn.

  4. Thanks, Meretta. It is amazing. We all shared a connection with that dog that went way beyond ordinary.