Friday, March 25, 2011

Recent movies...

I found this quite disturbing given the kids' book it was based on.  Way too scary for little kids. Big issues. Creepy :)
Despicable Me: Brilliant!!
Yes, I know I'm way behind but wanted to see it with my kids. It's cute. Not as scary as WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE.
Great movie recommended by my friend, Loreth. Tense and thrilling. I'm sure there are women who cope with a conversion to Islam but this was one heck of a terrifying scenario.
Worst movie EVER. What the hell was John Cusack thinking? I guess he's a 'working actor', right?
I'm not a Colin Farrell fan, but this was a fantastic movie. Black humor. Black story. Fabulous.

OK--now I'm off to obsess about the RITA. You either understand that or you don't. Good luck everyone, in the GH and RITA!!!!


  1. I'm obsessing with you! I agree absolutely on Wild Things, Time Machine and Despicable Me! My son, who's 19, loved Wild Things, but he likes weird things!


  2. Thanks, Mary. You too!! I think older kids would 'get' WILD THINGS. It was a pretty subtle message :)

  3. Hi, Toni! Well, dang it, looks like neither one of us made it into the finals. We'll just have to try, try again.

    Take care of yourself this weekend!


  4. Kathy--we was robbed :D Just kidding. Actually, I think everyone was calling Nora. The woman is a phenomenom.

  5. Hah. I didn't like "Where the Wild Things Are" either. LOVED "Despicable Me" and just saw "Rango" last week. LOVED that too.

    Commiserations on not getting that call. I know what that feels like, but I also know that you don't need it. You're a star in your own right. Nothing will ever change that!

  6. Meretta--you are so sweet :)
    I'm so happy my movie preferences are so similar to everyone else's.