Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flowers and The King's Speech

My beloved hubby brought home my favorite flowers for our anniversary and I made him pizza. LOL.

We went for a super cheap night out. It wasn't intentional. A friend of ours minded the kids and I decided I wanted to see The King's Speech. Not only was it at the cheap cinema, but Tuesday night is half-price night. $3.50 for both tickets. :)  Naturally we pigged out on popcorn and maltesers.
The movie itself is just a good as everyone said it is. Colin Firth is brilliant, so are Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter.
The premise is so dull--set in the 1930s a common man helps the Duke of York with his stammer. Yawn. But it isn't yawn at all which is a testament to both the writing and the acting. I loved it. And I really enjoyed spotting and naming the peons of British acting. Pride and Prejudice meets Harry Potter, with Jennifer Ehles (Myrtle/Eliza Bennett) and David Bamber (Theatre Director/Mr. Collins), Michael Gambon (George V/Dumbledore), Helena (Duchess/crazy Bellatrix), Timothy Spall (Churchill/Peter Pettigrew), with appearances from the cast of neighbors (Guy Pearce), and other greats like Derek Jacobi, Anthony Andrews, Claire Bloom, plus a host I didn't recognize. Great cast.

Seeing Wallis Simpson reminded me how much my granny hated her. As my granny was part of the war-effort and a huge supporter of the monarchy, I'm not surprised. But Edward, who always comes off as this brave soul who sacrificed the throne for love, came across more as a lazy, fun-seeking arse. I loved seeing the underdog--that is the second son and much abused Duke of York--taking on the responsibility of not only Britain but the Empire. It's a shame he didn't live longer. 

There's no doubt the royals are tremendously wealthy, but it's not a life I'd want. I'll settle for a couple of million and lots of good friends :)


  1. Happy belated anniversary, Toni. Sounds like my kind of celebration. I loved The King's Speech, too. By far the best movie I've seen in a few years. I'm waiting for my daughter to get back from Vancouver and we'll watch it together on DVD.

  2. Thanks, Marcelle.
    I loved the movie too.

  3. Happy Belated Anniversary, Andersons!
    Wishing you many, many more years of bliss!

    We watched The King's Speech last night. Loved it! I loved the Lionel Logue character and of course, Colin Firth.

    Saw the previews for Jane Eyre, as well. Can't wait to see that one!