Thursday, April 28, 2011

My St. Andrews...

In the spirit of all things 'William and Kate', here are some photos of the university town where they met. I know many, many married couples who met here and (thinking hard) don't know of any divorces (fingers crossed) yet. BTW--did I mention both my Scottish books are set in or near this town?
Did I? *laughing*

The Cathedral (from many different angles)
Deans Court

St Rule's Tower

The Harbor

Famous Pier
The castle ruins (not the pub)

Tom Morris. God of golf.

 The crosses represent where they burnt the martyrs. Hell of a lot of crosses in that town.

(Above) DH's house when we started going out...
The Royal & Ancient (I do not play golf).

Sallys--where the royal couple could have got married if it hadn't have been all booked up :)
  The Tron in Market Street. 

 The cobbles of Market Street and the cross of death

 The town library (old town hall)
Most important landmark in St Andrews...the ice cream shop.
Hope the Royals are as happy as me and my hubby :)


  1. Toni:
    I was in London when Princess Di and Prince Charles got married. Oh how the times change. I remember Diana having to undergo an examination to determine her virginity. Kate Middleton would not have been even considered or approved by the queen as marriageable material for the future king. I wish them well.

  2. Ruby, things have changed for the better I think :)

  3. Wonderful pictures. The history just oozes from the stones. Sadness and romance all rolled together. Thanks for sharing.