Thursday, April 21, 2011

She's in the Dog House

for digging up my flowerbed. As if the rabbits and weather weren't bad enough.

Not getting around me that easy... :)


  1. But she's so cuuuuuute. Look at that faaaaaaace. :-) I totally hear you. This must be the day for pets behaving badly. I've been cleaning cat yak off the living room carpet. Yay. Good luck with the replanting!

  2. LOL Kathy. She's a pest. We have a cat staying with us right now and it is NOT a good combination.
    Hugs on the cat yak :p

  3. I love that second picture. :)

    And dogs...well...they like to dig. Especially where they're not supposed to! Hopefully she'll stay out of the flowerbeds from now on!

  4. Meretta, she's such a sweetie--as long as you aren't small and furry. :-O. Hope you are well?

  5. I am well, thanks. Odd as it may sound, the funeral was the best I've ever attended. Still difficult, but extremely cathartic and beautifully done.

    Happy Easter!