Monday, May 30, 2011

The Daisy Killer.

So last year we were away in Europe and Vancouver Island and when we got back to Winnipeg at the end of June my garden looked like this... (actually that's after I'd weeded).
 A daisy disaster zone. Ironically, before last year I couldn't get a daisy to grow in my garden. I bought at least 3 that withered and died. So before I left for Europe I scatter a few old seeds and hoped for the best. ARGH. Note to self, do not scatter seeds. On top of that the year before a good friend had given my 3 Himalayan orchids. 

Whatever you do, do NOT plant Himalayan orchids. They grow to eight feet tall and are an invasive species and will wipe out your garden. I'm still weeding the suckers out two years later.

So this year I've been weeding and planting and trying to get her back under control. SO far, so good. Just call me the Daisy Killer.

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