Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This is my favorite time of year. Whenever I think of Wimbledon I don't think of strawberries and cream. I think of my granny. I think of hot summer days and hot stuffy living rooms. I think of endless cups of tea, ginger biscuits and an idyllic childhood. 

After school and during the holidays, me and my brother and sisters would go to gran's while my mom and dad worked. It might not have suited every kid, but I loved it :)

I grew up on Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe. Bjorn Borg and Virginia Wade. Boy, did my gran hate John McEnroe. She also hated Steve Davis (the snooker player). I understand McEnroe even though I think he's great. I never got Steve 'interesting' Davis because what was not to like?

Would my gran have liked Andy Murray? I have no clue. She just wasn't that predictable. I really like Murray and hope he wins a Grand Slam soon. I lived in the town where he grew up, Dunblane, for about a year. I loved it. I know he's not pretty but GO, ANDY MURRAY!

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  1. That's a fabulous picture of him LOL. Every year, we Brits hope we have a player of the right temperament and drive and skill to win the tournament :).

    But I love coming home from work and settling down to the happy thwak of tennis balls on the TV coverage. And Son#2 queued up for entrance there today, his first experience! :)