Monday, July 18, 2011


In Bloom...

 I grew all the Morning Glory (above) from seed :)
Excuse the photographic posts. Bottom line is summer is short here and I love seeing all this color after facing monochrome white/gray for 6 months of the year.


  1. The daisies are my favorites (in real life too!) and the morning glory close up is AMAZING. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blooms with us.

  2. Bonnie--I love that picture. They look like artificial flowers because they are so perfect :)

  3. Beautiful pictures. I'm starting a huge medicine wheel garden now so it will be ready for spring planting. Love looking at flowering plants to get ideas!

  4. Ooooh! Pretty! We don't garden (soil is lousy and hauling in the good stuff is pricey)so seeing such lovely colors is always nice :)

    Thanks for sharing!