Friday, July 08, 2011

My Summer So Far

I'm writing :) When I'm not writing, I'm ferrying kids to swimming lessons. When I'm not ferrying kids to swimming lessons, I'm walking the dog. When I'm not walking the dog, I'm watering and weeding the garden. When I'm not watering and weeding, I'm feeding people. When I'm not feeding people, I'm theoretically cleaning the house. When I'm not doing any of those other things I'm on the internet.
And I'm reading.
And I'm sleeping, but not as much as I'd like :)

Wow, I sound busy. How's your summer treating you?


  1. Pretty much the same. LOL (but take away the dog and add in exercising) :-)

  2. I don't have to ferry kids anymore but can relate to walking dogs; garden watering; working, working, working. Must make the time to write!

  3. Jennifer and Lucy--it's not a bad life, but I could do with a couple of extra hours a day. Just me. No one else (except fellow writers). So I can catch up :)