Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans

Look what we found in Sugar Mountain at the Forks. I tried rotten egg flavour and it was gross! No one has volunteered for the vomit flavoured one yet :) DS also found the perfect gift for his friends coming to his birthday party this weekend...
Yum! I bet you'll want to come, right?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Guest Author: Dee Tenorio

I'm delighted to welcome The wonderful Dee Tenorio to my blog. Yay, Dee!
Who are you and what do you write? Hi, my name is Dee Tenorio. I write paranormal romantic suspense, romantic comedies and erotic contemporaries. (Yeah,that's not ever gonna fit on a nameplate)

What’s your favourite place in the world to visit? My bed. I don't get to see it too often, but when I do, oh how I love it.

Where do you write? Where ever I can fit myself and my laptop or a notebook and pen. This includes my stairs, my bathroom, my closet and occasionally, my shower. :)

How long have you been published or is this your first sale? I've been published since 2006. :)

How long have you been writing? As long as I can remember. Though, sadly, those early stories were really more like soap opera episodes, lol.

What comes first—characters or the plot? It alternates, but usually, the characters. I gotta like these people in order to write them.

Do you write to music? Do you make soundtracks for you stories? If so, what was on the soundtrack for your latest release? I do, actually. Music helps put me in the right place faster. The soundtrack for "Deceiving The Protector" was "Falling Slowly" from the movie "Once", "Use Somebody" by Kings Of Leon & "If I Were A Boy" by The Backbeats. (Yeah, my characters had some angst.) 

What’s your biggest dream? To write well enough to support my family. :)

If you were a millionaire would you still write? Absolutely. In fact, I'd probably write more—no more day job! :)

Cat or dog person? Dog. I love cats, but dogs melt my soul. :) Love em, love em, love em. :)

Latest Release:

The mate he never wanted may be the woman he can never have...

After a series of murders is discovered along the trail of the Shifter Underground, wolf soldier Jensen Tate is assigned to find and protect a missing stray. But Lia Crawford doesn't seem to want his protection. When she eludes his watch and returns with mysterious injuries, Tate knows she's hiding something. To discover her secrets, he'll have to win her trust...and get closer to the woman he thinks may be his mate.

Lia has reasons to keep her distance. The killer is haunting her steps, determined to claim her. He will come after them both if he sees how drawn she is to Tate, though it becomes increasingly difficult to deny her attraction to him. Protecting Tate is vital – but will her deception cost her his love?

Author: Dee Tenorio
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Heat Level: sensual
Publisher: Carina Press
ISBN: 978-142680-9205-9
Price: 5.99
Word Count: 88k
Release Date: August 15, 2011
Author website address:

"Deceiving The Protector" trailer:

If interested, here is the trailer for the first book--
"Tempting The Enemy" trailer:

Where to find out more about Dee online:

Thanks so much for visiting with me, Dee.

Friday, August 26, 2011

You say 'tomato' and I say 'tomato'

Biggest beefsteak I've ever grown. Just don't make me eat that sucker :) I don't eat tomatoes.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I forgot to put this here. Sorry :)

EDGE OF SURVIVAL (November 2011)
Foreword by Brenda Novak

Dr. Cameran Young knew her assignment wouldn't be easy. As lead biologist on the Environment Impact Assessment team, her findings would determine the future of a large mining project in the northern Canadian bush. She expected rough conditions and hostile miners—but she didn't expect to find a dead body her first day on the job.

Former SAS Sergeant Daniel Fox forged a career as a helicopter pilot, working as far from the rest of the human race as possible. The thrill of flying makes his civilian life bearable, and he lives by his mantra: don't get involved. But when he's charged with transporting the biologist to her research vessel, he can't help but get involved in the murder investigation—and with Cameran, who awakens emotions he's desperate to suppress.

In the harsh and rugged wilderness, Daniel and Cameran must battle their intense and growing attraction while keeping ahead of a killer who will stop at nothing to silence her…

My heroine has diabetes and I'm donating 15% of my royalties to diabetes research.

And I just heard EDGE OF SURVIVAL will be made available as an audio book. Yay! Cover coming soon.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hecla Island

For our summer holiday this year we decided to go camping. Well, we didn't so much decide as had no other options. Hecla Provincial Park is one of those little gems. It’s very uncommercial. The luxury resort that opened up a couple of years ago has closed down (the locals claim Mafia involvement and much milking of government funds). So basically all there is on the island is a fantastic campsite, lots of biking/hiking trails, beaches, the lake (full full full), boats, and wildlife. Here’s one thing I bet you didn’t expect us to have in Manitoba. 
Yes—pelicans. Thousands of them. Pelicans and Polar bears. It's one of those lovely survival stories we need to hear more about. Hecla also hosts a gathering of bald eagles in the fall before they undertake their annual migration south.

Hecla is an island. Ironically, as soon as they built a causeway everyone left :) It was settled mainly by Icelanders who left Iceland for New Iceland (yes, happily in Manitoba) after one of those wretched volcanic eruptions. There are lots of Vikings in Manitoba. 
It is very basic but some of the old buildings (church, school) have been preserved. The original shop is still there and has EVERYTHING. We spent more time in Gull Harbor, which has a restaurant and shop and marina.   

And on the way out we visited the marshes. A lot of trails were closed, not sure if that was because of flood or fire risk (irony?). It only rained for one morning and as the tent leaked we got off lucky. Great spot. Lovely holiday.
Have you been anywhere nice?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Guest Author: Shirley Wells

Today a special treat from one of my favourite authors!! She has a new book out today...

First, a huge thank you to Toni for inviting me to her lovely blog.

For people who don’t know, Toni and I share a publisher in Carina Press. We’re also contributors to Not Your Usual Suspects, the blog where Carina Press mystery and romantic suspense authors tell it how it is.

Although I was published in the UK, the US was an unexplored world to me so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I heard that Carina Press, a new US publisher (so new they hadn’t released a single book!) had accepted my first Dylan Scott mystery, Presumed Dead. When the Carina Press website finally went live, I saw some of the most awesome covers ever. And I mean awesome. The one that really grabbed me? Toni’s Sea of Suspicion. I loved everything about that cover.

When it comes to buying books, I can be very picky. I read a lot of books so I have to be. There are a few auto-buy authors on my list, like Ruth Rendell, Jodi Picoult and Ian Rankin, and I hang out on a lot of book review sites. If I spot a good review from someone whose opinion I respect, I’ll read the blurb and, if possible, read a sample before I buy. With Toni’s Sea of Suspicion, however, I bought it simply because I fell in love with the cover. (Yes, I really can be that shallow.) I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s exactly what I did. I had to read Sea of Suspicion. End of. And wow, I loved that book. I was hooked from the first page.

I thought I’d be disappointed when I finally saw the cover for Presumed Dead, that I’d compare it to Sea of Suspicion and find it lacking. Thankfully, there were no tears or tantrums. I loved it. It was perfect in every tiny detail.

Twelve months on and I waited to see the cover for my second Dylan Scott mystery, Dead Silent. I couldn’t believe it when it arrived in my Inbox. Stunning. I think it suits the mood of the book perfectly. 
If you’re curious, this is from the back cover:

Ten months ago, Samantha Hunt set off for work...and was never seen again.
Despite the statistics of cold cases, Dylan Scott wants to believe the young woman's alive—and not just because her father, his client, is desperate to find his missing daughter before he dies of cancer. By all accounts Sam was a lovely girl, devoted to her younger stepsisters, well-liked at her work, in love with her boyfriend.
But as usual not everything is as it seems in sleepy Dawson's Clough. Sam's boyfriend has a violent past. She may have been having an affair with her boss. And Dylan can't shake the feeling that her stepfather is hiding something. Meanwhile, someone is trying to scare Dylan off the case.
Who wanted to silence Sam, and why? The truth turns out to be worse than anyone expected...
What about you? Have you ever judged a book by its cover?


Multi-published author Shirley Wells was born in the Cotswolds and lived in Cyprus and Orkney before settling in Lancashire, the UK, where the beautiful Pennine Hills provide the inspiration for her popular mystery novels. She and her husband share their home with two dogs, two cats and any other strays who fancy a pampered life. Her latest Dylan Scott mystery, DEAD SILENT, is published by Carina Press. Connect with Shirley via her website, follow her on Twitter or find her on Facebook.

Friday, August 12, 2011

De Fence Less


 Deconstruction begins
Monday--hole digging (no photos of holes)
Tuesday--fence posts
 Wednesday--stringers go up
Thursday--boards get screwed into place
 Friday--final boards in place
 Hang gate
 Prime gate
I'll paint gate soon :)
DH is amazing. Happy vacation.
How was your week?

Monday, August 08, 2011

Guest Author: Bonnie R. Paulson

Why I Write and Read Romance…
Romance has many killers, maimers, wounders, torturers. Divorce, death, adultery, addiction, alcoholism, pornography, work, money, the list goes on and on. 

No matter which way you look at it, anything that tears apart that happy-ending is death – to romance. And I don’t know about you, but I like a happy ending. I need a happily-ever-after. In this day and age, romance stories seem to be the only constant source of utopic endings on supply which wasn’t always the case. 

I started reading romance at the age of 8. Found my mom’s Fabio-covered book folded open to save her spot. It was a Viking one.  You know, one where Fabio’s leather covered legs rode the stern of a ship while in his arms he held the woman whose clothes kept falling off. I loved those books. Still love them. 

Growing up, I looked for my own “Fabio”. I never really dated anyone because, let’s face it, what 16-year-old boy holds up to a hero written about by an older woman? I wanted the “man” who was going to whisk me off my feet. But they all fell short. 

When I met my husband, I expected the sweep me off my feet, fall in love right away, never to have problems, happy ending. But instead I married my best friend who I fight with, yell with, dirt bike ride with, have children with, eat with, cook with, shower with (another story), play with, and do everything in between with. We’ve been married 10 years. Ten. That’s crazy. Especially since I’m only 21. *wink*

We hear all the time, as authors, to write what we know. Well, romance is what I know. The ups, downs, ins and outs. Drama around every corner but love prevailing. 

Today at the fridge, I reached for the pickles and hubby pinned me against the wall for a smooch and a half. Hello! Our oldest of 4 kids pointed and laughed and the other 3 ignored us. Normal oddities at my house. 

Romance is what I know, in all its guts and glory, with the shrapnel and stitches. I read what I like and write what I love. Nothing better than that.  
**SPOILER** When Maggie, in Breathe Again (08/22/2011 Carina Press) finds her happy ending, I wiped the tears away I’d cried along her journey. It’s a romance, so how much did I really spoil? Brodan has a bit of my hubby in him. When you read him, let me know if you like him. I fell hard and so did Maggie. 

Breathe Again releases August 22, 2010.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I'm guest blogging about my upcoming release EDGE OF SURVIVAL at LONG AND SORT REVIEWS today. Please come keep me company

Monday, August 01, 2011


This school vacation I decided to share with the kids the brilliance of Peter Sellers as 'Chief' Inspector Jacques Clouseau.

The first one, A SHOT IN THE DARK, was a little cerebral for them. A bit too 60s. But they loved the rest, A SHOT IN THE DARK, THE RETURN OF THE PINK PANTHER, THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN and REVENGE OF THE PINK PANTHER, We also watched TRAIL OF THE PINK PANTHER but it was irritating and annoying (made with clips after Peter Seller's death). The kids walked around saying, 'Boom? There is a boom?' in heavily accented French. I think their favorite scene was when Clouseau gets on the parallel bars and vaults down the stairs. Also when he destroys the piano.

"That was a priceless Steinway."
"Not anymore..."

The kids also loved Steve Martin as Clouseau. What's not to love?

Then DH and I caught up with BAND OF BROTHERS. After going to Normandy last year we had a much better sense of history than before. A wonderful series. (And Damien Lewis? :) This was too gory for the kids. Too graphic.
Next up on the re-education of the Anderson kids: Charlie Chaplin. I'll let you know how a silent black and white movie goes. I've also ordered a bunch of Jane Austen movies from the library. Not sure how DH will deal with that. Might require another poker night. Man Vs Wild is a staple from the library. My son and I love curling up together and watching Bear Grylls eat spiders.
Obviously we went to see Harry Potter (or Hairy Porter as so many voice-over men call him). It was a great movie, a fine finale. We re-watched the first one yesterday and OMG--they look so young! Time flies when you're having fun :)

What are you watching?