Monday, August 08, 2011

Guest Author: Bonnie R. Paulson

Why I Write and Read Romance…
Romance has many killers, maimers, wounders, torturers. Divorce, death, adultery, addiction, alcoholism, pornography, work, money, the list goes on and on. 

No matter which way you look at it, anything that tears apart that happy-ending is death – to romance. And I don’t know about you, but I like a happy ending. I need a happily-ever-after. In this day and age, romance stories seem to be the only constant source of utopic endings on supply which wasn’t always the case. 

I started reading romance at the age of 8. Found my mom’s Fabio-covered book folded open to save her spot. It was a Viking one.  You know, one where Fabio’s leather covered legs rode the stern of a ship while in his arms he held the woman whose clothes kept falling off. I loved those books. Still love them. 

Growing up, I looked for my own “Fabio”. I never really dated anyone because, let’s face it, what 16-year-old boy holds up to a hero written about by an older woman? I wanted the “man” who was going to whisk me off my feet. But they all fell short. 

When I met my husband, I expected the sweep me off my feet, fall in love right away, never to have problems, happy ending. But instead I married my best friend who I fight with, yell with, dirt bike ride with, have children with, eat with, cook with, shower with (another story), play with, and do everything in between with. We’ve been married 10 years. Ten. That’s crazy. Especially since I’m only 21. *wink*

We hear all the time, as authors, to write what we know. Well, romance is what I know. The ups, downs, ins and outs. Drama around every corner but love prevailing. 

Today at the fridge, I reached for the pickles and hubby pinned me against the wall for a smooch and a half. Hello! Our oldest of 4 kids pointed and laughed and the other 3 ignored us. Normal oddities at my house. 

Romance is what I know, in all its guts and glory, with the shrapnel and stitches. I read what I like and write what I love. Nothing better than that.  
**SPOILER** When Maggie, in Breathe Again (08/22/2011 Carina Press) finds her happy ending, I wiped the tears away I’d cried along her journey. It’s a romance, so how much did I really spoil? Brodan has a bit of my hubby in him. When you read him, let me know if you like him. I fell hard and so did Maggie. 

Breathe Again releases August 22, 2010.


  1. I can't wait for Breathe Again. After that, I want to read the memoirs of Bonnie R. Paulson, because they sound great!

    Hi Toni! I'm happy to see Bonnie with you. :)

  2. I'm with you, Bonnie. I love a good romance, and I started reading them by sneaking my mom's books. :)

  3. Love this post. I also married my best friend... 18 years ago this month. Doesn't seem like it could be that long, or that I could be this old, but whatever. It's awesome and he doesn't look a thing like Fabio.

  4. Maureen - I just love seeing you around the web! Thanks for the support. And trust me the memoirs are a snooze fest : )

    Rebecca - Thanks for stopping by! I didn't know you snuck them from your mom! That's awesome. Don't you love that they supply our vices? hehe

    Vivien - Congratulations on 18 years! That is phenom! You're not old, doll! You're in your prime! And so GLAD he doesn't look like Fabio. : )

    Thanks for stopping by ladies! And a huge thanks to Toni!

  5. I loved this post!!! I haven't been married for quite as long as you, but my husband is still that romantic. And yes, he's my best friend too. I've teased him that I'm going to buy him a shirt with Happily Ever After printed on it.

    I snuck my mom's Harlequin romances when I was about that age too.

    There is nothing like a HEA. : )

    Congratulations on your release!

  6. I can't remember where I picked up my 1st romance novel...but I remember hiding them in my three ring binders in school and loathing the classroom interruptions. If one were especially good, I'd pretend to be sick so I could stay home and read. :)

  7. Shawna - starting with Harlequin is AWESOME. I'm glad you're married to a romantic. Aren't they terrific?

    Brook - you sound like me. I used to stay up all night reading then call in sick to school or work so I could keep the binge going.

    Thanks ladies!

  8. Bonnie, it's so lovely to have you here :)
    I used to steal my granny's Mills and Boon books, eons ago. :)

  9. I can't believe you got married when you were 11. ;-)

    I too stole my mom's books and got hooked on romance. Most romance readers/writers know that the part of a relationship that happens after our books end takes a little bit of work to ensure a HEA.

    I read romance because I want good people to be rewarded and I want to close a book, wipe away the tears, and sigh with contentment that two people who deserve it found love. Then I'm ready to deal with the real world and the frustrations that comes with it. :-)

  10. Toni, I had a lot of fun. Thank you so much!

    Asa, thanks for stopping by. I love when the book ends for the characters but not for me! I want the stories to go on forever! : )

    Thanks for stopping by!