Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hecla Island

For our summer holiday this year we decided to go camping. Well, we didn't so much decide as had no other options. Hecla Provincial Park is one of those little gems. It’s very uncommercial. The luxury resort that opened up a couple of years ago has closed down (the locals claim Mafia involvement and much milking of government funds). So basically all there is on the island is a fantastic campsite, lots of biking/hiking trails, beaches, the lake (full full full), boats, and wildlife. Here’s one thing I bet you didn’t expect us to have in Manitoba. 
Yes—pelicans. Thousands of them. Pelicans and Polar bears. It's one of those lovely survival stories we need to hear more about. Hecla also hosts a gathering of bald eagles in the fall before they undertake their annual migration south.

Hecla is an island. Ironically, as soon as they built a causeway everyone left :) It was settled mainly by Icelanders who left Iceland for New Iceland (yes, happily in Manitoba) after one of those wretched volcanic eruptions. There are lots of Vikings in Manitoba. 
It is very basic but some of the old buildings (church, school) have been preserved. The original shop is still there and has EVERYTHING. We spent more time in Gull Harbor, which has a restaurant and shop and marina.   

And on the way out we visited the marshes. A lot of trails were closed, not sure if that was because of flood or fire risk (irony?). It only rained for one morning and as the tent leaked we got off lucky. Great spot. Lovely holiday.
Have you been anywhere nice?


  1. Hi Toni
    Thanks for the great post. I and my family are deciding were to go camping, I did a Google search and your blogspot showed up...You give a wonderful description of your holiday at Hecla and with great pictures. I will show your site to my daughter.

    I love to read..I'll have to check out your books, they look inviting!

  2. Thanks, Grace :)
    My books are a little less PG :) just so you are warned. I keep the blog kid friendly :) And the ebooks are in the local library now.
    In strange coincidence hubby and son are going for boys camping weekend up there soon. Hoping the bugs don't appear! Have fun on your holiday :)