Monday, August 01, 2011


This school vacation I decided to share with the kids the brilliance of Peter Sellers as 'Chief' Inspector Jacques Clouseau.

The first one, A SHOT IN THE DARK, was a little cerebral for them. A bit too 60s. But they loved the rest, A SHOT IN THE DARK, THE RETURN OF THE PINK PANTHER, THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN and REVENGE OF THE PINK PANTHER, We also watched TRAIL OF THE PINK PANTHER but it was irritating and annoying (made with clips after Peter Seller's death). The kids walked around saying, 'Boom? There is a boom?' in heavily accented French. I think their favorite scene was when Clouseau gets on the parallel bars and vaults down the stairs. Also when he destroys the piano.

"That was a priceless Steinway."
"Not anymore..."

The kids also loved Steve Martin as Clouseau. What's not to love?

Then DH and I caught up with BAND OF BROTHERS. After going to Normandy last year we had a much better sense of history than before. A wonderful series. (And Damien Lewis? :) This was too gory for the kids. Too graphic.
Next up on the re-education of the Anderson kids: Charlie Chaplin. I'll let you know how a silent black and white movie goes. I've also ordered a bunch of Jane Austen movies from the library. Not sure how DH will deal with that. Might require another poker night. Man Vs Wild is a staple from the library. My son and I love curling up together and watching Bear Grylls eat spiders.
Obviously we went to see Harry Potter (or Hairy Porter as so many voice-over men call him). It was a great movie, a fine finale. We re-watched the first one yesterday and OMG--they look so young! Time flies when you're having fun :)

What are you watching?

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