Friday, September 02, 2011

Assiniboine Park Zoo--Winnipeg

Yesterday, I took the kids to the local zoo. (Pictures below)
Assiniboine Park Zoo is going through major renovations right now and a whole bunch of exhibits are closed. They're building a new polar bear conservation centre (which is appropriate given we're in Manitoba). But they've already accomplished lots of excellent new things. They have new bird of prey displays and a butterfly exhibit (seasonal :)).
We saw the tiger being fed. The pictures aren't too graphic but he is eating a dead bunny. I was surrounded by all these little kids and I kept waiting for the screams when the guts were ripped out. DD couldn't watch after he popped off the bunny's head, so we moved on. I didn't hear any screams later though. Kids are so bloodthirsty :)
The zoo now has a buggy that runs around the place and gives old and young legs the occasional rest.
Usually when I go to the zoo I visit all the animals in my books. But the wolverine (EDGE OF SURVIVAL) was missing and although there was a lonely snow leopard, the Markhor weren't there. And no bears either. Weird. Here is a selection of what we did see...

 juvenile bald eagle
Great horned owl
Butterfly garden
The snow leopard was asleep
Look at this guy...
Stellar's sea eagle.
I couldn't resist :)
sleepy red panda
Winnipeg's relationship to Winnie-the-Pooh

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