Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall=Busy Life=Good

In some ways I hate this time of year. It's so busy, there is so much to do after the unstructured (although equally productive) summer. Now we have soccer, indoor soccer, piano, swimming, school events, school, and occasionally an adult social life (not that kind of adult social life), and things just get crazy. 
Then there's the weather, the inching toward winter thing (which is slightly doom inspiring, but never as bad as I fear). And at least this year it is a slow inching, as opposed to waking up one morning with naked trees, then waking up the next with a layer of snow on the ground and a city-full of people thinking 'how do I drive on this stuff again?'
And writing-wise? I am waiting on two full manuscript submissions and I'm working on my Snow Leopard manuscript which doesn't even have a proper name. I'd initially called it GHOST OF THE MOUNTAIN but then saw that because this is a term used for snow leopards there are several famous books already called GOTM and as the leopards aren't the true focus of the story, family betrayal is, I don't think it'll fly.
I have great plans to pull out and dust off another 3 older manuscripts and polish some more partials aimed toward Harlequin Intrigue all before Christmas. That seems reasonable, right? Big grin.
Then there's a lot of up coming promo to sort out for my new release in November. EDGE OF SURVIVAL (and I have a cover but not permission to share it yet :).
Also--this is one of those BIG alsos--I'm compiling a photobook of our sabbatical in France/UK/Canada. I've done France, England, About 2/3 of Scotland and we're up to about 130 pages worth. This thing is morphing into one of those projects that never ends. It's going to be beautiful but Gah! My aim is to get it done for Christmas. This is the last picture I uploaded--Dumgoyne.
Wish me luck. And send cookies...


  1. Good grief, you need more than cookies. You've made me feel like a real slacker now. ;)

    You're right, it's a BIG also, but it will be wonderful. Gorgeous pic.

    And shame on you for teasing us about the cover. I bet it's beautiful. Can't wait to see it!

  2. Shirley, I was going to ask for gin but it doesn't do well in the mail ;) The cover is beautiful. I am excited :)