Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Interviewed by a Reader.

Being interviewed on Doris's blog today. Come say 'Hi' and check out her amazing photography.


  1. Dang, Toni, for some reason I couldn't comment on Doris's blog. I'll try here:

    Hi there, Doris and Toni! Doris, your artwork is amazing. I really enjoyed browsing your gallery. Gorgeous stuff. And I think your pictures of your dog count as artwork too! :-) A great interview. I learned a few things about you, Toni! I knew about your brother but somehow missed that you have a sister. Maybe you don't mention her much because of that whole diary thing. :-) Did I get to read your straight romance? That I don't remember. Doris, I'm one of Toni's critique partners and I can guarantee you'll love "Edge of Survival". Thank you for the fun post!

    -Kathy :-)

  2. Thanks for the comment Kathy!Sorry you where not able to post it on my blog. Darn technology!
    The dogs are not mine LOL They all belong to friends. I'm Highly allergic. So I live vicariously through my fiends LOL Although I am almost a crazy cat lady with 3 cats :-)

    Thanks for taking the time to brows my photo's and art. I love being creative and tend to bounce around from media to media.

    Oh now you are just not playing nice telling me you have read "Edge Of Survival" LOL

    Again thanks for posting.

  3. Oh and Toni, have you ever been interviewed by a reader before?

  4. Kathy--LOL, I actually have 2 sisters :) One older, one younger. I have 11 brothers- and sisters-in-law, and 21 nieces and nephews and two great nieces and nephews plus mom, dad and grandad.
    I don't talk about them? Probably because I value my neck ;)

  5. Doris, Kathy is the best crit partner ever. One day you'll be reading her stories. I love your artwork too.
    I am thinking hard--I think this is the first interview by a reader who wasn't also a reviewer :)
    OK--better get on. Kids are circling.

  6. Yeah but Reviews don't count as "readers" LOL they are doing it for a job LOL I do it for pure pleasure.
    Ok and for knowledge LOL