Monday, September 12, 2011

My last two weeks in movies

I have been so busy writing blogs for November's upcoming release (and still have so many to write) that I have neglected my own blog. So apart from getting the kids back to school, doing soccer play-offs, and sorting out the after school stuff for the next 6 months I've been watching some movies. All in the name of research...
 Gripping docudrama from a tiny corner of the war in Afghanistan. Such bravery is humbling.
I had to watch this adaptation twice. DD declared Darcy wasn't as good as 'our' Mr Darcy (that would be Colin Firth :)) but on second time through, the movie really grew on me. Trying to squeeze that much story into a movie was a difficult task and the scenery and costumes were gorgeous. I loved the chemistry between Darcy and Elizabeth. Very intense but understated.  And talking about squeezing a big story into movie sized bites we rewatched the LOTRs trilogy at DS's insistence.
 For my son's birthday we had to rewatch The Goonies (also my hubby's favourite movie).
And, finally, I watched this documentary for research purposes. It's an interesting account of the political situation that created the Taliban, rather than any real information on what life was like under Taliban rule. 

Now we have hours and hours of Rugby World Cup 2011 to look forward to. We can legitimately support England, Scotland, Ireland and Canada. Plus, my maiden name is apparently derived from Welsh princes. This house must have a shot at winning, huh? Who's your team?

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