Friday, October 28, 2011

Developing the Split Personality.

Next month will herald the beginning of a lot of promo for my upcoming release. Doing promo is a bit like developing a split personality. Most writers are introverts by nature who hate banging their own drum. That's why we need readers, not just to buy the books but to tell people about them.  It's one thing for me to say I write a good story (I mean, even writing that makes me cringe), it's completely different for someone who isn't related by blood or marriage to go online and take the time to write a review or send me an email. Thanks to everyone who does. 

The other reason promo makes writers develop split personalities is we're already working on the next story. I've written 3 complete novels since I finished EDGE OF SURVIVAL. I've been in ten different character's heads, lived in Montana, South Dakota, Minneapolis, Hereford and the Wakhan Vally, plus visited London, and sailed the English Channel.That doesn't include the partials I've written for other story ideas, the edits on another (I'd forgotten about a NYC story), and the characters floating in the ether of my mind.

Sometimes it takes me a moment to click back into the story that's about to be published. I do LOVE this story BTW. Possibly my favorite hero/heroine combination ever. 

OK--gotta edit. I love my job!


  1. And I thought I had a lot going on in my head! :-) bet this is when you wish you had a mans brain and could compartmentalize your thoughts :-)

  2. LOL--I have to say that isn't something I've ever wished for :)Much as I love them, I like to do more than one thing at a time :)

  3. True True! LOL I do wish sometimes my brain would slow down through LOL

    I drove right past my clients house today. I have been going there for umm about a year now LOL I was so deep in thought I whizzed right on by LOL Luckily I noticed non of the houses look familiar LOL at those moments I wish I could stop some of the stuff going on in there LOL