Monday, October 03, 2011

EDGE OF SURVIVAL cover & As We Were Saying interview

Today I'm flattered to be interviewed by the Greater Fort Worth Writers on As We Were Saying. Leave a comment and you might win a copy of STORM WARNING
And now I can finally reveal the cover for my next release, check it out below.

EDGE OF SURVIVAL (November 21st, 2011, from Carina Press)  
Foreword by Brenda Novak

Dr. Cameran Young knew her assignment wouldn't be easy. As lead biologist on the Environment Impact Assessment team, her findings would determine the future of a large mining project in the northern Canadian bush. She expected rough conditions and hostile miners—but she didn't expect to find a dead body her first day on the job. 

Former SAS Sergeant Daniel Fox forged a career as a helicopter pilot, working as far from the rest of the human race as possible. The thrill of flying makes his civilian life bearable, and he lives by his mantra: don't get involved. But when he's charged with transporting the biologist to her research vessel, he can't help but get involved in the murder investigation—and with Cameran, who awakens emotions he's desperate to suppress. 

In the harsh and rugged wilderness, Daniel and Cameran must battle their intense and growing attraction while keeping ahead of a killer who will stop at nothing to silence her…
My heroine has diabetes and I'm donating 15% of my royalties to diabetes research.


  1. Toni, it's gorgeous. I love the colours. Simply gorgeous.

  2. congrats, yaaay noo cheazy cover
    love it, the covr

  3. Stunning cover and I love the blurb, sounds like another great book

  4. Fabulous, Toni. I loved your other two and can't wait to read this one.

  5. Thanks guys. Frauke @crocodesigns is great. I love her work.

  6. Woohoo, Toni!! Talk about atmospheric! :-) That is a beautiful cover that definitely does justice to the story. Excellent!

  7. Juts Beautiful! The days are not counting down fast enough LOL

    Not sure when I will have time to read but I will make it! LOL

  8. Gorgeous. I like the color combinations