Wednesday, November 09, 2011

My Adventures in Labrador (3)

As promised, serialized into bite-sized chunks, my summer adventure in Labrador, 1997...this is just as I remember it, but I don’t have any notes so it’s possible other people have other stories. This is mine and I’m sticking to it.
Talking of bears do you want to hear my Goldilocks story?
Remember what I said about needing to pee? Well, I survived about 6 weeks working in the bush every day before I was finally overcome by the need to go. Six weeks, baby. Six weeks of long working days—Amazing Race—no problem. 

It was a gorgeous sunny day. There were about five or six of us all working brilliantly together, getting the job done. We were right next to Reid Brook falls and just along the valley there were these giant man-sized boulders. There’s a saying in Labrador—for the first six days God made the world, on the seventh, he threw rocks at Labrador. So I decided to pop along the valley a bit and peel off my rubber waders and use the facilities nature  provided. My biggest worry as I pulled down my pants was one of the pilots would fly over. Instead, as I looked up, this huge densely black, immense creature just ambled its way along, about thirty feet away from my bare butt. We formed a nice triangle, the bear, me, and everyone else. I heard banging and shouting—my buddies, Rick especially, yelling my name. Very calmly I pulled up my trousers and walked calmly (yes I wanted to run screaming, but I didn't) back to the others. Someone got on the radio and a pilot came over in one of those enormous choppers they used in ‘Nam. Anyway, the bear was terrified and ran away, straight up an almost vertical scree slope as fast as a racehorse on the flat. That was the biggest demonstration of power I have ever seen of any animal in the wild. 
No way was I ever peeing in the bush again. 

My heroine has diabetes and I'm donating 15% of my royalties to diabetes research.

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  1. Not sure if I could have moved calmly! LOL

    I have to pee in the bush often, with the adventures we take. Thankfully I have not had an bear walk past my bare butt LOL

  2. Guess bears aren't that cuddly when you need a little privacy.

  3. Doris, I'm calm under pressure lol. We do what we have to do :)

  4. Elise--I think baby bears are cuddly. Not the big guys. Teddy bears are cuddly too :)

  5. I keep meaning to ask you. How did you come up with the idea to have the heroine have diabetes?

  6. Doris, I do blog about this sometime in the next few weeks (I think). Condensed version. I knew the hero's flaws, kind of a wildness and recklessness that meant he lived life on the edge. I wanted someone who needed balance to live and I think dealing with diabetes is the epitome of learning to balance life. That was my original idea kernel.