Monday, October 31, 2011


Tomorrow I'm starting My Adventures in Labrador series. Just five blog posts about some of the stuff I did up there. I hope it whets your appetite for a Romantic Suspense adventure set up in the great white north. Any day I'm not blogging in November I'll be posting a pretty picture, because I like pretty pictures. Wow, it really is all about me. LOL.
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland.


  1. You must have been drafting your blog entries last night. I check my reader and there is a Blog entry from you and I click on it and it was gone :-( LOL NOT FARE! LOL you tease!

  2. Doris, blogger was mad with me. I'd scheduled it but it posted instead. Then it evaporated the post LOL. I did get it back. I am well versed in the foibles of blogger :)

  3. LOL every time I tried to go to it I got an error LOL very frustrating lol