Friday, November 11, 2011

Never Forget

I'm also blogging at Killer Chicks today. Wonderfully ironic don't you think?
 Also still at Margie Lawson's Grad blog for one more day... link 

We have many veterans in our family. I'm very grateful for the job they did to keep us safe.  Thank you, and others like you, for you service and sacrifice.
Also..added later because my brain woke up slow this morning,
An anthology written by some of mu favourite writers from which ALL the proceeds are going to the Veterans Research Corporation a non-profit foundation supporting veterans medical research. 
One of the authors is not only a dear friend of mine, she also writes the best stories. I'm talking the BEST. I can only say that about things I really believe in. If you haven't read Loreth Annne White's books, you are denying yourself some huge reading pleasure. I'm off to order it from Amazon.

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  1. I second the motion! (about Loreth) :-) And ha, Toni, I got my copy first! :-)