Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last Year's Writing Goals

Wow. I can't believe how fast this year went. I'm just looking at my goals to see what I achieved and what I didn't in 2011. Setting achievable goals is an important.

1) Submit more Harlequin Intrigue proposals. Write and polish another HI ready to submit when I hear about TO CATCH A SPIDER. 

In fact I wrote two more full Intrigues (plus 3 partials) and even submitted all the fulls. Unfortunately none of them were accepted. However, I'm thinking of self publishing these puppies. They're not like my current releases with Carina or TWRP. They're 55K words as opposed to 80K but I like them. Still pondering their fate.

2) Finish Snow Leopard book. (Renamed GHOST OF THE MOUNTAIN)

Underline that tick and highlight the little bugger. 
I've submitted the story to several agents. What I'm hearing back is that RS is a hard sell right now, and the book is close to mainstream thriller rather than the standard Romantic Suspense--but there is still romance at the heart of the story. I know this makes it hard to place in the market. 
I am a huge RS fan. Massive. Huge. Ginormous. One of the reasons I think RS has flattened out is because editors in the big publishing houses are shying away from anything that isn't...well, the stereotypical RS that readers have read a thousand times before. Or not. I mean, what do I know?

3) Sell Icebreaker.

Tick. Sold to Carina Press and renamed EDGE OF SURVIVAL (15% of my royalties are going to diabetes research. if you don't know why, read the book. Please :)). 

4) Write Bamfield book.

My only real failure of the year, although I just started working on this in mid December. Going to try and finish the partial by mid January. It's two murder mysteries entwined, but 30 years apart. I could do with a good working title but Bamfield (the location) is all I can come up with, LOL.
All in all--not bad. I'm off to figure out next year's goals now. Obviously the first one is the Bamfield partial. Do you set goals? Did you achieve them?


  1. Hello.
    Three our of four is pretty good though, well done.

  2. You have been one busy woman!! And I can't wait to read your Bamfield stories. I'm about ready to record my 2012 goals, as well. One of my goals for 2011 was finishing my historical, which I didn't do--now I'm thinking I may never get the thing done, since I'll be concentrating on contemporaries for a while. Happy New Year!!

  3. Ooh, look, my pic finally came through! Speaking of which, Toni, I love you new pic! You look so glam!! :-)

  4. Michelle--I thought I'd replied yesterday. Thanks :)

  5. Kathy, my goals are so uncertain. Or perhaps I need to simplify them :)
    Your picture is lovely :) Are you talking about my FB pic? It's from when I was in DC. Not looking glam today all wrapped up in woolies :)
    The historical can wait a little while. Enjoy those contemporaries! I know I will :)