Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Swag

A new address book (Tom Thomson is one of my favourite artists), an organizer calendar with 3 list pads, an awesome bike basket (at first I thought it was waste paper basket and I confess I was a little  disappointed). Two pairs of trousers (one have to go back but good job DH :)), socks, Clinique moisturizer (OMG, it was like not having kids again :)), Cadbury's chocolate biscuits, smellies and lotions, new duvet covers, gorgeous hand painted dishes from Poland, chocolates, and SEAL OF MY DREAMS (with a story my one of my favorite authors and best friends, Loreth Anne White).

I know I received other stuff but everything was rolled up into one wonderful day of gifts and food and great company I forget. We had dessert with the in-laws in Warsaw via Skype which was pretty cool.
Did you have fun?
Tomorrow I brave the mall to exchange the trousers. Pray for me. :)

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