Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last Year's Writing Goals

Wow. I can't believe how fast this year went. I'm just looking at my goals to see what I achieved and what I didn't in 2011. Setting achievable goals is an important.

1) Submit more Harlequin Intrigue proposals. Write and polish another HI ready to submit when I hear about TO CATCH A SPIDER. 

In fact I wrote two more full Intrigues (plus 3 partials) and even submitted all the fulls. Unfortunately none of them were accepted. However, I'm thinking of self publishing these puppies. They're not like my current releases with Carina or TWRP. They're 55K words as opposed to 80K but I like them. Still pondering their fate.

2) Finish Snow Leopard book. (Renamed GHOST OF THE MOUNTAIN)

Underline that tick and highlight the little bugger. 
I've submitted the story to several agents. What I'm hearing back is that RS is a hard sell right now, and the book is close to mainstream thriller rather than the standard Romantic Suspense--but there is still romance at the heart of the story. I know this makes it hard to place in the market. 
I am a huge RS fan. Massive. Huge. Ginormous. One of the reasons I think RS has flattened out is because editors in the big publishing houses are shying away from anything that isn't...well, the stereotypical RS that readers have read a thousand times before. Or not. I mean, what do I know?

3) Sell Icebreaker.

Tick. Sold to Carina Press and renamed EDGE OF SURVIVAL (15% of my royalties are going to diabetes research. if you don't know why, read the book. Please :)). 

4) Write Bamfield book.

My only real failure of the year, although I just started working on this in mid December. Going to try and finish the partial by mid January. It's two murder mysteries entwined, but 30 years apart. I could do with a good working title but Bamfield (the location) is all I can come up with, LOL.
All in all--not bad. I'm off to figure out next year's goals now. Obviously the first one is the Bamfield partial. Do you set goals? Did you achieve them?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Swag

A new address book (Tom Thomson is one of my favourite artists), an organizer calendar with 3 list pads, an awesome bike basket (at first I thought it was waste paper basket and I confess I was a little  disappointed). Two pairs of trousers (one have to go back but good job DH :)), socks, Clinique moisturizer (OMG, it was like not having kids again :)), Cadbury's chocolate biscuits, smellies and lotions, new duvet covers, gorgeous hand painted dishes from Poland, chocolates, and SEAL OF MY DREAMS (with a story my one of my favorite authors and best friends, Loreth Anne White).

I know I received other stuff but everything was rolled up into one wonderful day of gifts and food and great company I forget. We had dessert with the in-laws in Warsaw via Skype which was pretty cool.
Did you have fun?
Tomorrow I brave the mall to exchange the trousers. Pray for me. :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Look at the Flowers my Mom and Dad Sent

I tried to call them to thank them yesterday only to find out the phones didn't work. Today the phones work but are crackly. It sounds like I'm in the 1940s. As my son asked if there were Viking raids when I was a little girl I guess I'm progressing :)

Merry Christmas to everyone. 

Hoping you have a safe and happy time.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Quick Catch Up

I've been trying to write a real post for about 2 weeks now.
Between the usual Christmas preparations, the car needing to go see the doctor (tomorrow) with the possibility of a terminal condition (& therefore car hunting), discovering mice, hosting a mince pie and sherry party for the neighbors, getting hit by a manuscript rejection, querying agents with another manuscript, DH's birthday, getting a head cold, taking kids to dentist, dog to vets, piano recitals, and trying to write/research/plot ...I haven't got there yet :) Neither have I sent out many Christmas cards, or written a Christmas letter/newsletter, or wrapped gifts.  
I am the only one totally swamped this year?
I had grand plans. I even wrote notes on a couple of blogs about character development and writing heroes who really needed redemption. Hasn't happened yet. LOL. How are you doing?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Excitement

I'm on two blogs today--I know, I'm like a bus, right? Anyway, going live first is a feature on the Harlequin Blog talking about my digital-to-print experience with Carina Press. 
Next up you can win an ebook copy of that very same book, SEA OF SUSPICION, by checking out BOOKIN' IT REVIEW'S Christmas Book Bash which goes live at 10 am CST. I'm talking about things I'm grateful for. 
 How can you resist?

Monday, December 12, 2011


One year ago today we brought Holly into our lives. She's come a long way since then. Wonderful girl. (Son's photo :))

Friday, December 09, 2011


Looking for a Christmas gift? The print edition of Sea of Suspicion has just gone live on the Harlequin website... SEA OF SUSPICION.

"Set along the coast of Scotland, Sea of Suspicion is a riveting story of suspense and the depths and heights of human character." THE ROMANCE REVIEWS

Friday, December 02, 2011

Guest blogging

Today I'm a guest blogging with the absolutely brilliant and tremendously talented British crime writer Shirley Wells. I don't remember what I wrote LOL. I will check it out too :) (Oh yes, it's a good one :) and short :))

Thursday, December 01, 2011