Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Frosty :)

It's too cold to do much more than hunker down and write with the fire blazing in the hearth. Unfortunately the dog still needs walking and the kids still need to go to school, so we wrap up in our many layers and trek out into the Manitoban winter. 
Whatever the temperature, the first two minutes never feel that bad. Often the sun is kissing the horizon and the sky is blushing pink. Our breath puffs in the icy air. Feet crunch in the granulated snow. Our street is quiet and there are fresh tracks from all the nocturnal creatures who somehow survive without the joys of central heating and Baffin boots.
By the time we get to school (a mile later) my cheeks are glowing, icicles drip from my hair, the dog is dancing to keep warm, and my son trots happily (generally) into school.
We've had an easy winter so far but now it's starting to bite. All I can really say is 'roll on summer.'

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