Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fifty Dollar Bill

See the new Canadian $50 bill? The cool thing about this (aside from the fact it's a polymer based note) is the ship. That ship is the CCGS Amundsen, which was previously CCGS Sir John Franklin, and that my friends, is the boat I spent a summer on in Northern Labrador in the 90s. 
The same boat I based my fictional boat, Imaviaq (which means 'open water amidst ice' in one of the Inuit languages), on in EDGE OF SURVIVAL.
(Great article on the need to replace Canada's aging icebreaker fleet here, BTW)
So, I feel like I own a little part of history.
 And, as another aside, my working title for that story was always ICEBREAKER :)


  1. Interesting! I just e-mailed this blog to our reading group who is getting together on Saturday night to discuss "Edge of Survival". Thanks for the great read and characters Toni! I'm just sitting here concocting some questions for our group! Let me know if you have some book club questions prepared....
    Leanne (Nelson's mom!)

  2. Leanne!! I can't believe it :) Thanks. Do I have book club questions prepared? Don't be ridiculous, that sounds way too organized. I will try and think of some today around science fair stuff. ((()))

  3. Did you get my email, Leanne?