Monday, May 07, 2012

Bridal Shower

The Polish seem to have mastered the art of Bridal Showers. First up I need to admit I forgot the card and the present. Yikes. 
High Tea consisted of a delicious 3 course meal and I took photos of the desserts.Be envious. Be very very envious. Although I am now really fat :)

Happy Monday :)


  1. Mmmmm look at all that sugar!! Those treats look delicious!

    I haven't been to a bridal shower since a well meaning old lady told me not to worry, that my day would come. Um...excuse me, but no. LOL

  2. Hahaha. Funny :) DD looked at the presents and said "I want a bridal shower, and a social if I get married" :) Not mercenary at all :)
    How are you???

  3. That's the only thing about being single - there are no parties in your honor. Birthdays don't count. LOL

    I'm good. Working, trying to plan a trip to Montreal at the end of June. But no major travel plans for the summer.

    I got my new puppy too. She's a sweetie but She-Ra is so territorial over me, she's not good with sharing.

    And you?

  4. Did you lose Max? What is the new pup? All good here, well, kind of, not including house stuff. We went nowhere hardly last year, and this year is another crazy travel year, starting with a big trip west in August. Should be fun though.

  5. No, Max is still bossing me around. LOL He's getting up there in years but he's still kicking.

    Since last fall my brothers have been wanting a big dog. We were supposed to get a lab in Feb but that didn't work out. Well my mom's coworker had to get rid of her puppy - she was only allowed to have 1 dog in her condo and even though the landlord was ok with a 2nd one, her neighbors weren't. So we got Charlie. She's not a big dog, but my brother still claimed her. She's also a JRT.

    How far west in August?

  6. Relieved Max is still in charge :) We are going as far as you can go. West Coast of Vancouver Island. Apparently I like driving? Then we have to go back to UK for Christmas. These things are always madly spaced. Has to happen when it has to happen and I'm just carried along in the wave :) Not a bad wave though.