Friday, July 20, 2012

My Summer so Far.

I guess I've been quiet so far this summer. I don't feel quiet but I'm ruminating on what I've said about my school vacation (well, the kids' school vacation)--and realize I haven't said much :)

We're nearly three weeks in and that fact makes me blink with a mix of horror and joy. I've been getting up early (I want to say six a.m., but six-thirty is more truthful).

I have a daily word count goal of 2K words, but I also have a cut-off time because I find if I'm online all day my wrists hurt. So far, I've made my 10K words per week and I'm at about 55K for a projected 80K novel.*Yay* :) We've had Harry Potter movie marathons and almost daily swims and we've just started packing :)

For August we're going to drive to the west coast (ha ha, yes, 2,500 km) and spend 3 weeks in the wilds of Vancouver Island while DH works at the marine lab there. Thankfully this trip doubles as a research trip for me because the WIP (DARK WATERS current working title) is set there (well--a lot of it anyway :)). I'm planning on still getting up early (oh, god) and working until noon and then taking the kids to the beach. How idyllic this is will depend on the weather and the set-up in our cabin, but I'm looking forward to it.

I'll probably blog about the trip out so I won't repeat myself by telling you our plans.

Here are some pictures of the garden. That's the worst thing--missing the month when most of the flowers will bloom. Hopefully our dog/house-sitters will give it the occasional water and maybe there will still be blooms when I get back. Hoping the Echinacea will flower and the globe thistles turn blue before we go.

Are you going anywhere special?

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