Thursday, July 05, 2012

Savages--Oliver Stone

This isn't a review :) Just a few thoughts.
I went to an advance screening of this movie last night. And I don't quite know how to start to describe what I thought about it. 
Firstly, graphic violence. I say this upfront because for the opening ten minutes you wonder if you might have wandered into a horror movie wrongly labelled 'thriller' or even a porn flick--although that's a bit harsh. But we get to see the sex first without knowing the characters and that emotional disconnection gives the scenes a hard edge.

After that, the story settles down into an above average thriller with regular scenes of violent death. 
The three leads in the story are interesting--it's a menage story (I read a friend's menage story simply to figure out how the heck the mechanics work, and discovered something else. With trust, there's an amazing capacity for love and emotion within these relationships. It isn't for me but I can see how it might work for some). So, a menage story in a big Hollywood production? I was shocked. With the whole 50 Shades thing I'm wondering if society is relaxing a little in the whole sex department?--I have no clue.
I don't want kids reading or watching this stuff, but adults? What's the problem?
Taylor Kitsch--I have to say he rocked his part and sizzled on the screen. All the other characters were good. The story starts off all hippy and bright, and ends up bloody and destroyed in a way that seems to epitomize the drug trade. Benicio Del Toro is so convincing he scares the crap out of me. Want to meet a famous actor? Ugh, no thanks, I'll just go hide over here
This is not a movie I would have gone to see (I hadn't even heard of it), but if you don't mind the violence (It has the same sort of kick as Pulp Fiction) then you'll probably enjoy it. 
There's a story in Savages. Lots of stories. And I enjoyed it the way you enjoy any Oliver Stone movie. With some big holes blasted in my brain and my thoughts in a jumble, but that's probably just me.

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  1. My friend read the book and loved it, though she usually reads romances. I love Taylor K but probably will wait for the DVD.