Thursday, August 02, 2012

Road trip-through the prairies...

 We just finished a two and a half thousand mile journey that started by heading west on the Trans-Canada Highway and just kept going until we ran out of land. Most of the photos are taken at high speed because we weren't stopping for anything :)
 Here's the prairie just outside Winnipeg. It's so flat that I find it oppressive.
We passed salt flats/lakes in Alberta. I realize I skipped Saskatchewan, but you get the prairie picture :) The weather was great except for one huge storm we drove through in Alberta--see it in the wing mirror. It was way too scary to take a photo when we were in it.
After a night in a very noisy Super 8 Motel in Medicine Hat we went to Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump. I'm thinking you might guess what the natives used to do here? There is evidence of human activity going back 11,000 years, and of them using it to lure buffalo herds to their deaths for 6,000 years. Great interpretive centre. Yes, that's me--short and, well, short :)

 After this brief sojourn we got back on the road and got our first glimpse of the Rockies. I'll post more about our epic trek this week.

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