Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Road trip--to Bamfield (part 2)

I realize belatedly I never actually finished detailing our trip here when we've only a week before we go home. So, this will be a quick photo tour...
After Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump we headed along the Crowsnest Pass to a place called Frank (Frank Slide). This is a place were in April 29th, 1903, half of Turtle Mountain fell on the small town of Frank in Canada's deadliest rockfall. See a wonderful aerial video Incredible stuff. Great interpretive center. You get a sense of the scale of the disaster from the video but even more so when standing next to the boulders that are bigger than your house.
Then we visited great friends in Sparwood (no pictures) and carried on to Osoyoos where the kids were blown away by Rattlesnake Canyon and crazy golf (argh). This is a weird desert region in the rain shadow of the Rockies at the southern edge of the Okanagan Valley (wine and fruit country and we bought fresh cherries on the way out).
Onwards through the Rockies and the beautiful scenery through the Crowsnest Pass. I'm glad we went this way but we'll be taking Highway 1 home. Much easier (god willing :)) route.
To the ferry port in Vancouver. I'll blog again about the ferry trip and Victoria.

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