Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Skyfall--not a review

 ***Some spoilers but not many--except he dies (yes, it is very sad)***

On the weekend DH and I went on a date to see a matinee of SKYFALL. I hadn't been particularly bothered about seeing it in the cinema, but DH is a big fan of the whole Bond thing so we went. Boy, am I ever glad we did :) I do believe it's my favorite Bond movie ever. I was trying to figure out why (aside from the fantastic Mr. Craig, that is). It is dark and gritty-I like that. Raw and powerful-I like that too. Human-we see a lot of human frailty in this movie. 

They took Bond back to his spy/espionage/MI6 roots. They made him part of a team. They made the other characters smart and flawed and beautiful. We discovered some secret parts of Mr. Bond that appeal to anyone who's ever tried to figure him out. They spent a lot of time in London. The whole British thing gave me chills (probably because I'm British) but I don't often get chills of pride just because I see the Union Jack. However, the imagery of the flags draped over those coffins was stunning. Maybe it's leftover Olympic fever, but whatever it was, I LOVED it. I also loved going from the razzle-dazzle of Shanghai to the cold, damp bleak moors of Scotland. It was pretty funny because during the opening credits I'm like, "OMG, this movie is going to Scotland." The shape of the house gave it away. God, I LOVED that. And it was John Buchan's thirty-nine steps Scotland, not some light and fluffy tartan business. It was gorgeous. 

And on top of all that, they brought back the car. The Aston Martin DB5. Just wonderful.
So--I enjoyed the movie. You?

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