Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Big trip tomorrow. Getting up at OMG early. Which reminds me, anyone going to see that new movie, Zero Dark Thirty? I only heard about it yesterday. It appeals to my inner storyteller especially the role of the female protagonist in a male dominated arena. I want to see it.

Back to my trip. I'm charging cameras, ereaders, iPods. Cleaning kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms. Doing all the last minute washing. Stocking the cupboards up for the peeps staying here, and the dog. Trying to preempt any possible disaster scenario (which naturally I will fail at given the nature of disasters). For the first time ever I'm probably not going to take a physical book--although there is a craft book I might throw in... trying to keep our luggage down to 2 suitcases which gets tricky when you have Christmas gifts and two kids. Anyway, totally doable.

I'll be away from the blog for a few days. Here's my first (post airport) destination. Shropshire.

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