Tuesday, January 22, 2013


We finally hit winter in Manitoba. It's funny because before the first 'blizzard' hit about ten days ago everyone I spoke to was feeling a little short-changed because it had been so mild. After two snow dumps, and a few days of -40 windchills, I think everyone will feel they have earned their badge of honor. There's a definite hint of pride and stubbornness in Manitobans when winter kicks in. Perhaps it starts in the teenagers when kids start to defy the snow pants rule even on the worst days. Or maybe Manitobans are just tougher than I am in general--that wouldn't be hard.
The worst thing about extreme cold is not actually the cold itself (bearing in mind, exposed flesh WILL freeze after 10 minutes). The worst this is that everything starts to break down. The automatic garage door opener. Furnaces. Traffic lights. The ground shifts, doors fail to close. Cars stall. I think yesterday CAA had a record number of call-outs to stalled cars (around 700) and the average wait time was 6 hours. I plan my trips factoring how long I want my car to sit outside without being plugged in. Not exactly what I expected to be doing when I 'grew up.' Still, it is an adventure and aside from the nose-bleed temps I enjoy it. 
However, it can stop now. Please :)

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