Tuesday, February 05, 2013


The reason I've been so busy (and not blogging) is, as well as writing a new book linked to DANGEROUS WATERS & DARK WATERS, I have taken the plunge and decided to self-publish my snow leopard story. Which means I have a steep learning curve to get to grips with. The good news is I've hired an editor I love working with, and a cover artist I'm really excited about. I have a good friend who's advising me on the process and talking me through the angst. Lots more to do (copy edits, proofreaders, formatting), and finding potential reviewers--so if you're interested email me (toniannanderson at gmail.com).
Right now I'm eying April for a release date, but this might change, depending. I'll put the blurb and title up tomorrow.

I've had terrific feedback on this story, I just hope I'm not like one of those poor people who stand up to audition on American Idol because people told them they were good, and they really suck!

Wish me luck!

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