Friday, March 15, 2013

Lie in.

Today is an in-service day at school, so last night I made sure all the alarms were off and told the kids to have a lie in. At 7 AM my alarm went off and I listened to the news. Minus 25C windchill had me curling back under the duvet. Then DH brings me a cup of tea. Bliss. Then he goes around and wakes up the kids. Bugger. DH finally remembers the rest of us didn't have to get up and get going this morning, so he goes downstairs and listens to the radio as I lie in bed (CBC news this time because sound travels weirdly in our house). DH goes to work and I decide to just snuggle for 5 more minutes.
Jingle. Ugh. Jingle, jingle. I open my eyes and there's Holly in the bedroom. She never comes upstairs. "Go downstairs, Holly." 
She just looks at me. 
Any dog owner worth their salt knows you ignore your dog at your peril. I finally get up, let her out (yes, it is flipping cold out there) and now I'm writing this blog post while she and the kids snooze.
I'm up-okay, world?

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