Wednesday, June 26, 2013


 We've been eating home-grown lettuce and radish but here come the strawberries!
 Everything is late or weird this year. We have roses, but the peonies and lilies haven't flowered yet and they are usually first. Very strange.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Coming soon: Blog Tour

Check out details of my August online book tour organized by Author's Angels 'here'.
I'm giving away prizes!

Thursday, June 13, 2013


So last night a friend of mine came over to help me translate the bio for my German Amazon Author Page (thank you so much, Frauke!!!) and look what we found? The cover for the German translation of DANGEROUS WATERS retitled IM SOG DER GEFAHR. Which translates into something like 'the pull of danger'. This book will be released in (German) bookstores (virtual and brick) on December 12th, 2013.

In einem gesunkenen Schiffswrack haben Taucher eine Leiche entdeckt, in deren Brust eine Machete steckt. Seargant Holly Rudd stürzt sich in die Ermittlungen und muss schon bald feststellen, dass in dem verschlafenen Küstenstädtchen eine Menge Geheimnisse verborgen sind. Als Holly ins Visier des Mörders rückt, eilt ihr Finn Carver, Ex-Special-Forces-Soldat, zu Hilfe. Gemeinsam kommen sie einem kaltblütigen Killer auf die Spur, der die Vergangenheit nicht wieder aufleben lassen will.

 What do you think?

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Book news--Goodreads Giveaway and Publishers Weekly Review

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Killing Game by Toni Anderson

The Killing Game

by Toni Anderson

Giveaway ends July 08, 2013.
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I'm running a Goodreads Giveaway for THE KILLING GAME--US entrants only. I have a good reason for the US only thing. Most of my giveaways are open worldwide but not this one. I won't be doing many giveaways for this book (JFYI). 


I received my first Publishers Weekly review (ever) for DARK WATERS--and it was great!

"In this action-packed contemporary, Anderson (Dangerous Waters) weaves together a tapestry of powerful suspense and sizzling romance." Read the rest *here.* 

 Danger once again laps at the shores of Barkley Sound, the Graveyard of the Pacific…
Since her rocky childhood and its abrupt, brutal ending, schoolteacher Anna Silver hasn’t given her trust easily. But when her estranged father gets in over his head—again—and winds up dead, his last message to Anna is as clear as it is insistent: she’s in danger and Brent Carver, the man with whom he shared a prison cell for five years, is the only person she should turn to for help. With nowhere else to go and with her father’s killer on her trail, Anna flees to what she hopes is safety.

Tucked into the west coast of Vancouver Island, Brent Carver’s isolated home hasn’t seen many visitors. And his friend’s daughter is the last person he ever expected to grace his doorstep. She’s in trouble, and he can’t deny her protection…just as he can’t deny his attraction to the independent beauty. As their passion sparks into flame, the perfect storm brews off the coast of his island home, bringing with it a sadistic killer hunting Anna and the secrets she’s come close to uncovering.