Thursday, July 04, 2013

How did it get to be JULY?

Okay, I look up from my keyboard after finishing another book and realize half the year is gone. How did that happen?

I always try and take stock of my goals/achievements at the halfway post, but as my writing career is never linear or normal that can be hard to quantify. So what have I done?

January I had the flu. That sucked buckets. Around mid January I finalized plans to get THE KILLING GAME published. I hired my Carina Press editor, found a cover artist, proofreader, and figured out the process. I decided to self publish for a variety of reasons, none of which involve thinking this story is in any way substandard for NY. I love this story and I intend to write more about this particular squad of soldiers. The book went 'live' at the end of March and had earned back the cost of production (not including the 6-7 months it took to write) by the end of April. I made it available on all platforms and as a print book (because readers asked), but I want to say, for the record, that the sales on other platforms (and print) are minimal so far, and only Amazon has made this a viable project. Amazon and readers. Readers rock!

January and February I also did copyedits and proofs for my August release DARK WATERS. In April/May I wrote blog posts for the blog tour Author's Angels have organized (August 6-21st).

I wrote the opening 50 pages to a third Bamfield book (SILENT WATERS), and plotted out another connected story (featuring Freddy Chastain and an idea for Jack Panetti) but put them on hold. Instead I wrote a new book (sent to my agent yesterday) about a FBI agent looking for the truth about what happened to her twin sister 18 years ago, who becomes involved with a former CIA assassin who now hunts serial killers. My heroes are always a little dark but I don't know why anyone wouldn't fall in love with this guy.

What else? I created my mailing list--are you on it? I only send out messages when I have a release. I don't spam, I don't sign people up who email me. You have to click the link to get the newsletter.

I finally figured out how to use Scrivener (using Gwen Hernandez's book), so STOLEN is the first book completed using that funky monkey.

Because I get regular emails asking if there's a follow up book to HER SANCTUARY I am trying hard to get that next book edited and self pubbed before Christmas. It isn't a cowboy book though, it's a serial killer book set in NYC. Would anyone like another cowboy book?

So apart from various ideas that are growing in my brain that's a pretty good summary of the writing side of my life this year. Non-writing, there's the usual kid-garden-house stuff that fills everyone's lives.

I'm going to be at the literacy signing in Atlanta which is open to the public. I'd love to see some friendly faces, plus your favorite romance author will be there (unless it is Sherrilyn Kenyon or Suzanne Brockmann because I don't see them on the list). I spend less and less time on this blog but I'm reluctant to give it up. If you want more of me I am always on Facebook and post information on my Facebook Page (often flash sale information).

Time to walk the dog.

Happy 4th July USA!

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