Saturday, July 06, 2013

Kathy Altman--what a sweetie!

Look what I received in the mail yesterday!  I have the very best CP in the world. Kathy Altman also writes wonderful books that are heartwarming and real. She excels at making great 'stuff' and 'freebies'.
I on the other-hand generally suck at promo items. I mean did I actually mention I had bookmarks made? Yes, that's me, the queen of promo :) I have bookmarks!

It's a month until the release of DARK WATERS and I'll celebrate by giving away a selection of things to a member of my mailing list, including copies of Kathy's two books and hopefully a copy of Loreth Anne White's latest, PIECES OF YOU. To be entered to win you'll need to be on the mailing list. Details of giveaway still TBA.

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