Monday, September 23, 2013

Vacation--Writer Style Minnesota

So I dragged the family, including the inlaws, on a research trip to the States. We headed down through North Dakota and into Minnesota.  The road was long and straight...
The next morning in Minneapolis, I got up and left the family at the water-park while I found my way into town on the light rail line :) It was cheap, clean and felt safe and people could bring their bikes on--bonus.
And I got off at City Hall...right at the front door.

One of the things I most wanted to see was the Court House... has these fabulous bronze statues outside :) I was admiring them and then trying to decide if the other people admiring them were people going to court or lawyers...eek! 

Snake in the grass.

To me this sign is completely alien. I'm glad I wasn't arrested for taking photographs of everything

I was a little obsessed with police vehicles and I kept spotting them everywhere... (this is my father-in-law touching a cop car. I ran away, left him to it!)
I was so excited to walk past this van

Cool :) And these black vehicles are definitely unmarked cars. I don't think there was anyone in them...

So why take pictures of cop cars and courthouses and signposts and metros? It's called flavour and information. I can google each of those police departments, call them if need be. I can know the city is hot and dusty (in summer) but clean and safe feeling--despite me watching a drug hand-off on 5th Ave (oh, yeah, baby).
And the Mall of America? Just WOW!

The thing about research trips is a writer isn't always looking for the big stuff, often we're looking for the basics of a city, the feel of a place as you wander around. How green it is, the traffic, the mood. Stupid things. little things. Big things :) I'll blog about Wisconsin soon. Those pictures are much more picturesque :)
Minneapolis had a really nice feel BTW :)

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