Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dangerous Attraction--out now!

The box set I'm involved with released last Sunday and is 99c for just this week (it won't be 99c again and nor will it be free ever!! Price goes up Nov 17th, just so you know :)) It's even cheaper in the UK! 77p.

Dangerous Attraction is already an Amazon Top 20, iTunes and Nook Top 100 Bestseller!

Thanks to all our fabulous readers who've already bought it--leave us a review to tell us what you think! I hope you enjoy and I hope you find new favourite authors from this fabulous group of writers. 99c for 10 books. 
Less than a chocolate bar. Gift it to friends or family for Christmas, they'll love you forever :). 
Today's my hard sell ;) Can you tell?

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