Wednesday, November 27, 2013

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

It's been a big few months for me. There's been a lot of hard work and emotional ups-and-downs that I rarely bring up online. You might not believe it, but I'm actually a very private person :)

In the spirit of American Thanksgiving I want to say Thank You to all the readers who took a chance on our box-set, DANGEROUS ATTRACTION. Yes we had one week at 99c, (that's how we hit the USA Today bestseller list for two weeks running, and the New York Times this week). The box-set is now just $4.99 and readers are still picking it up--Thank You. Especial thanks to readers who write genuine reviews, even the ones who don't like my story (shocker I know :)) (Yes, I'd prefer everyone lied and gave it 5-STARS but some people are too damn honest. It makes the world go around). And thanks to all my other readers who've given me an incredible year as an author. 

I want to say Thank You to my writer friends, new and old, best-sellers and struggling. Writing is a a long hard road and no one knows the intricacies and struggles involved unless you're living it and every situation is different. There's such beauty in creativity--don't let the world suck it out of you.

Thank You to my family and friends who often have no clue what I'm talking about. Your genuine happiness is appreciated and more than makes up for the glazed expressions I induce when answering that simple question: How's the writing going?

"Happy American Thanksgiving" to my friends south of the border! I'm craving turkey in a BIG way. 

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