Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

All the Best!! 
Wishing You, Health, Happiness, Peace, & Wealth :)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Year in Review and New Release!

Wow--almost Christmas. I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. I say it every year but this one seemed to shrink by at least a half. I've been looking at what I've accomplished this year compared to what I set out to accomplish. The problem when setting these goals is building in the unexpected--like not getting contracts, like being asked to be part of a boxed set. So there's no hard-and-fast pass or fail when it comes to this stuff.

What did I do?

I lost January to flu. A write-off except for completing copyedits for DARK WATERS. After that I worked on some opening chapters for some more books set in Bamfield, but I've since put these aside. THE KILLING GAME was edited and then I formatted it for publication in April. I wrote a book which features a vigilante-type hero (that's with my agent and I love it, but who knows what anyone else will think). In July, I went to RWA in Atlanta and connected with friends and writing professionals. DANGEROUS WATERS finaled in the Daphne and I had a blast. DARK WATERS came out in August and hit the Amazon Top 100 lists in three countries. I received the rights back to my first novel HER SANCTUARY and gave that a light edit before republishing it in November. After receiving many reader letters, I pulled out and dusted off a manuscript titled BLADE HUNTER. This is the follow up to HER SANCTUARY and is Marsh and Josie's story. I retitled it HER LAST CHANCE and it comes out today. (So three self published books out this year which rocks). We took a family holiday in Minnesota and Wisconsin, which doubled as a research trip. Such a beautiful setting. That I joined a group of nine other best-selling authors in October and we created and promoted and sold a box-set (including THE KILLING GAME) which hit the USA Today and the NY Times lists. That was a lot of work and a lot of fun too. The audio version of DARK WATERS and the German translation of DANGEROUS WATERS came out in December. More recently I've been working on my next book--set in Minnesota and the North Woods of Wisconsin. It connects to the vigilante book via an FBI male lead. I've written about half of it so far but it needs a really good edit (my stuff needs many many edits!).

Overall I didn't write as much new stuff as I'd hoped. I learned a valuable lesson in not writing for contracts you don't have. That work isn't lost forever but I could have been writing the vigilante story or this FBI book earlier. I also have a military/spy series I want to plan/write connected to the SAS squad in THE KILLING GAME, but international and more fast-paced. STRIKE BACK meets Nora Roberts. I just need to figure out what length of book to write and whether or not to look for a traditional publisher or release them myself.

I did get more books out than ever before. Yay! I learned a lot about the industry. A lot about promotion. A lot about different mindsets. It's been a fabulous year and here's hoping next year is also good!!

Happy Christmas/Holidays and here's to Health, Peace and Happiness in 2014.

HER LAST CHANCE is available now...
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Marsh & Josie first appear in HER SANCTUARY. This is their story. 

Eighteen years ago the Blade Hunter found his first victim on the streets of New York City.
As a child Josephine Maxwell was attacked and left for dead. She learned the hard way that life is a constant struggle for survival. She can’t waste time pining over a man she can’t have. Now the killer has returned, and the only person who can save her is the FBI agent she deceived and betrayed six months ago.

Now he’s back to finish the job.
Special Agent-in-Charge Marshall Hayes has made it his life’s work to fight on the side of law and order, even though it cost him the only woman he ever loved. The return of a serial killer gives him the excuse he needs to force his way back into her life. But in order to catch the killer and safeguard Josie's life, he has to break all the rules and risk losing his heart again.