Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Quick Update--February

I'm trying to find time to update my blog template. I had a bunch of issues with the dynamic template but I haven't had time to clean up sidebar since I switched it back to a simple template, let alone actually blog. Apologies.

Winter is not a great time for me to chat. I basically moan about the weather for four months. Sad, but true. (Follow me on Facebook and I can prove it!)

So what has February wrought? A few publishing decisions that have taken a massive burden off me. Bottom-line is it means I'll release more new books faster, which readers seem to want. And the reason I have so little time right now is I'm writing them LOL. More information about my new series will follow shortly.

Other news. My lovely boxed set will be removed from sale at the end of February. If you want to sample 10 authors for $2.99 buy it now, or gift it to your auntie :) It was always for a limited time only :) I have thoroughly enjoyed the boxed set experience and have a deep abiding affection for the other authors in the set.

Also, DANGEROUS WATERS--the first book about the Carver brothers, is a Kindle Monthly Deal for $1.99 at

That's all for now. Trying to fix the template and write a blurb for my new book, titled: A COLD DARK PLACE.

DANGEROUS ATTRACTION is only $2.99. Don't miss this last chance to get this great boxed set before it's gone at the end of February!

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