Monday, March 31, 2014

A COLD DARK PLACE releases tomorrow :)

I am so excited that tomorrow marks the release of my new book A COLD DARK PLACE. I really hope you enjoy it!

I created a fabulous Pinterest page for this book but thought I'd show you some of my inspiration for the hero, Alex Parker...
Tom Hardy
 And my heroine, FBI Agent Mallory Rooney.
Natalie Portman
The action takes place in the US, in particular North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Despite the title, it's a sizzling book with a dark hero and a strong heroine and truly nasty villain. The title in many ways refers to where the characters are emotionally at the start of the story, as well other cold, dark things.

The second COLD JUSTICE book will be out in May (hopefully) or early June.

And because I write to music this is the song that catapults me straight into this story... incidentally Tom Hardy also stars in the film that the song is the soundtrack to.

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  1. dlferriola3:14 pm

    This was such a fabulous suspenseful action packed romance. A must read that you will not want to put down until its surprise ending. A great novel!!