Monday, March 03, 2014

Mugshot Monday

Just for a bit of fun and as a reminder that my poor blog is much neglected, I'm going to try and post weekly pictures of my mugs!

'Hardly exciting' I hear you say. And yet, all my mugs tell a story.

This beauty is only a couple of years old (okay--four!). Can you read what it says on the handle? BAMFIELD (think DANGEROUS WATERS & DARK WATERS)! I bought this on our first trip out there from the General Store on Bamfield west. The cabins we stay in are well stocked but have those small teacup-sized mugs they use in hospitals. Not much use for someone who drinks 15 gallons of tea a day. I hate and detest travel mugs so I had to make a purchase :)

I know you're dying to know who's on Mugshot Monday next week. 
I figure this could take me about a year to get through. I don't know whether to be horrified or proud of my mug cupboard :) 

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