Friday, November 14, 2014

COLD LIGHT OF DAY Release Countdown ~ Day 2 Rafflecopter

Excerpt from COLD LIGHT OF DAY--the heroine is about to get into a lot of trouble!

To all intents and purposes, the top-secret Tactical Operations Center—or “the Center” as agents in the know usually called it—looked like a light industrial manufacturing facility. It was situated off the grounds of the Marine Corps base in Quantico for purposes of safety and secrecy.
Jon Regan held up some sort of wand. Not the magic kind.
Matt raised his arms and kept his mouth shut until the man finished running the thing over his body. Great. Another guy examined the limo. What the hell was going on?
“Okay, come with me.” Jon strode away.
Matt followed him through one door and then another, into a windowless room within a room. On one of the big screens, Sarah LeMay was displayed in glorious Technicolor as she flicked on a light switch. On another screen was a live-feed of the same room.
“Play the video,” Regan ordered, standing with hands on hips, watching the screens. “The team monitoring the surveillance feeds gave us the heads up as soon as they spotted her in there. We patched into the feed after that.”
The tech pressed a button and Sarah sprang to life. She entered the fancy office, looked around for a moment, and headed toward the desk. She hitched up her skirts, revealing a pair of shapely legs in those spiky heels. He could just make out the edge of black lace. The atmosphere in the enclosed space got hot and tense as she dipped her fingers into those panties. He could only see lingerie, but it didn’t stop his imagination taking it a step further. Sweat burst out from his skin.
He’d never suspected a thing.
She’d been taking the lamp apart with deft dexterity while he’d been wondering if he should ask her out. He’d been played. The expression on her face when she saw the other bug was priceless, as was the realization as she glanced nervously around the room, that there might be a camera hidden somewhere. It made him feel a little better.
“Shit. Here we go.” The tech pointed to the live screen. Four men entered the room and started picking up objects and examining them in detail.
“It was only a matter of time,” Regan said with his arms crossed. He sounded pissed.
In her video, Sarah reassembled everything, but Matt noticed something small catch the light as it dropped to the floor. “She lost her earring?”
“That is why we don’t wear jewelry on an op.” Regan nodded. “They already found it.”
This explained the henchmen taking the place apart.

Matt watched the woman tuck the small plastic bag into her bodice with a lot more discretion this time. He hadn’t noticed her missing earring when he’d seen her afterward—too busy looking deep into her eyes. Asshole.

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